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Teach and assess. We provide you a personalised way!

Teach and assess. We provide you the personalised way! The best part? It's completely free to use.

  • Create your homework and assign to your students in less than a minute.
  • Practice tests or Mock tests, assess your students anytime any where!
  • Invite your clients to join us and enjoy a recurring revenue share
  • Get data-driven insights on your students

“Learning is more effective when it is Active rather than a passive process.”

~ Kurt Lewin

  • Visual (Active) Learning
  • 11 Plus Practice tests
  • 11 Plus Mock exams
  • Personalised reports

We offer various programs effectively to help and extend support for children desiring to achieve the top-notch score in any of the 11+ grammar (GL/CEM), ISEB, CPT or other exams to be mastered by every student in order to fulfil the craving in acquiring admission at their dream school. .

The content we provide within this program is scrutinized and designed by certified teachers and is developed by our EdTech experts to promote flexibility in pedagogical approaches to boost candidate's performance through the virtual world of animations. Our program also helps candidates practically with engagement by ultimately providing vivid real-time experiences that in turn promote a higher advantage in achieving mastery of complex math.

The SiriLearning is a user-compatible, economic-friendly, constant-mentoring software that is flexible and essential for one to master their desired areas of learning with true ease. Say no to complexity in daunting math and add a fun dimension to your learning by adapting the modern approaches to learn for real with SiriLearning!!!