About us

Siri Learning Inc. is an associate company of CubeDigiCo Incorporated, Texas, USA. The vision of our entity is to design, develop and promote advanced methodologies to add a new dimension to learning.

We are curriculum-aligned, multilingual, 3D & AR inclined, focused Flip & blended learning, personalized learning, and assessment-based learning supported EdTech content company to establish footprints across the globe. As a part of the vision, we initiated this product for elementary grades and we have become one of the most resourceful products for schools, teachers, and parents to make learning exciting and interactive.

We believe every student can become an academic champion with the right access to resources that suit the needs of the student's method of learning. We believe that each student is unique and each with different learning styles such as textual, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

We strongly adhere to the content policies, security, obscenity, and privacy rights of every child and parent. Being an associate company to a USA entity, we strive hard to provide better services at affordable cost. To fulfill the vision and to take the company and its associated products & services to the level of expectation, it is not possible until we have a great team and we found them thankfully..!!

Asthra Team

Bharath Raj Vallem

Director, CEO

Narasimha Abbireddi

Director, CTO

Lagudu Sreenu

Director, CAO

Cubdigico Team

Rajasekhar Reddy Vanka

Founder, Director, CEO

Siva Kishore Reddy Chukka

Co-founder, Director, COO

Len Scogan

Advisory Board

Narsi Reddy

Advisory Board

Vikram Reddy Kistapati

Director, CPO

Gopi Chander Doli

Advisory Board, CTO


Soundarya Bhargavi


Madhu Jonnada

Information Technology

Tarun Patnala



Sales & Marketing