“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to child success is the positive involvement of parents.”

~ Jane D Hull

  • 3D Visual (Active) Learning
  • 11 Plus Practice tests
  • 11 Plus Mock exams
  • Personalised reports and recommendations

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Realistic visual experience

Siri Learning is a unique product that is committed to supplying the most advanced methodology in pedagogical approach. Children learn by...

  • Interacting with questions(Active Learning)
  • Video tutorials(3D Visuals)
  • Assessments including Practice tests, Full Mock exams and Grand exams
  • Reports and Suggestions.

The enormous collection of 3D animation tools aids to provide realistic visual experience improve retention rate significantly.


Our completely free SSAT/ISEE practice tests are the perfect way to brush up your skills. The surest way to practice your SSAT test-taking skills is with simulated exams. This comprehensive platform has full-length exams and realistic practice tests help you measure your exam readiness, find your weak areas, and succeed on the SSAT/ISEE test. You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your SSAT/ISEE practice test to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and master every aspect of the SSAT/ISEE.

SSAT Exam features:

  • Content is 100% aligned with the SSAT Lower and Middle Level exam.
  • Full-length SSAT Lower and Middle Level practice tests similar to the actual test in length, format, question types, and degree of difficulty
  • Detailed answers and explanations for the SSAT Lower and Middle Level practice questions
  • Written by top instructors and experts.

ISEE Exam features:

  • Content is 100% aligned with the ISEE Lower Level exam.
  • Full-Length ISEE Lower Level test similar to the actual test in length, format, question types, and degree of difficulty.
  • Detailed answers and explanations for the ISEE Lower Level Practice questions.
  • Written by top instructors and experts.
  • A penalty mark 1/4th is applied to exam to simulate realistic practice.

After completing this hands-on exercise book, you will gain confidence, strong foundation, and adequate practice to succeed respective competitive exam.

Integrated reports

These standardized, consolidated and customizable reports benefits parents/guardians/teachers to

  • Assess the growth in learning through lucid visualizations
  • Verify and evaluate children’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Help in suggesting interventions through suggestions and recommendations

Mathematics, Science & English

Along with the two pivotal examinations, we also provide further pre-eminent programs of MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, as well as ENGLISH. Every specific category of a program among these is embedded with intricate 3D visuals and engagement tools to extend support for students aiming to crack the ever complex math, discover the intricately perplexed science, render the rule-based fictitious English. All these course programs broaden the scope of learning from the very basics and best suit’s even the beginner to begin playing the mythical complexity with highly-refined learning experiences that we offer within our course programs to promote ease in skill mastery at the areas of specified topics. With our products, Math is made quite easier, science is made more clear, English is made much fun with edifying puzzles, interactive assessments, quick quizzes, and more amusing reach-outs of leveled up knowledge-base that we specially offer.

Flipped & blended learning

Our product not only offers the candidates with visual aids but also premiers the scope in developing their skills well “enough & beyond” with a further interactive simulation where a candidate is allowed to engage into the content deeper with provided fun quizzes, retaining key vocabulary, revising concept text, brainstorming puzzles, skill-testing assessments, and more game-based knowledge specifics. The benefit of our product is not confined to any particular way of learning and best fits every student to level up their skills high by exploring through various approaches in pedagogy specified as flipped & blended learning, assessment-based learning, immersive learning, in-depth learning, interactive learning, 3D-visual learning, and self-learning.

Embedded with splendid guidance

Both SSAT and 11 Plus programs we offer to the candidates support a wide variety of learning strategies that ultimately bring the candidate's performance and skills to be highly essential in order to achieve the best of their results in the real examination. Both programs are suitable for the candidates of age group 6-11 years and highly fits in any student's knowledge acquisition with the advanced visual and interactive aids of the product embedded with splendid guidance.

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